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Be an Individual or a company the image matters. Image and Shadows are the reflection of the real in this virtual world.  Branding helps the right positioning and at the right platform.
Simple: I help you to be at the place where u feel happy and get the answer for the purpose of being here


Is there anyone in this world , who never heard  stories that made them to laugh, cry, joyful, and sleep.

Stories are of many types, Idiotic , Sensible, Funny, weird, Thought provoking, feeling empty or mindful. Teaching, working, Doing business with stories  will be more effective.
We all earn to enjoy. What's the meaning of life if we slog it out to earn without any enjoyment.

தமிழ் ENGLISH தங்கிலீஷ்


It has come Naturally for me,
Lateral and Design Thinking.
I am willing to share how the world of Thinking impacts us and how we can design it as per our material need in balance with our happiness.

தமிழ் ENGLISH தங்கிலீஷ்


Think -> Realize

Be it Psychological or
Digital Transformation of business process,
I can give the best consultancy , for

I can give solutions through either 
Define & Do 
Do & Define 



@ SAP Australia Session

Govind Shown me  indepth spectrum of SAP HCM. Never seen a trainer like him. For Finance & Controlling , the example given from family was amazing.
( 5+ Yrs Exp. in  SAP Australia Payroll )

I still remember the time I spent with Gocha ( Govind Karup ) . So memorizing and very unique.
( Cintematographer, Bollywood, India )

@ Business Circle

He is maverick.  Delivers with connecting the dots style. It has come naturally to him. Govind Karup said, If u get distracted, for whatever reasons, then resonance won't happen, hence let me go silent and in that also there is lot to take from me

@ SAP Middle East Session

"Govind Karup, is like Amitabh Bachchan of SAP. His sessions start with a big bang opening and ends with huge applause "

@ Tamil Nadu Student Session

"Govind Karup gave a wonderful speech, Sir blessed to have you as the speaker"


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I live in Chennai, TamilNadu India

I am involved in, 
Bunch of senior, highly experience professionals give consultancy in the field Governance  and Media.

enviHEALS Foundations:
A trust through which we are creating awareness of Sustainability need.

Also, on invite I address people on the need for lateral and creative thinking., and how to practice for it.


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