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buttetye is specially meant for special Children. 

This is a social startup.

It will be launched soon. 

This is a startup project by   Ploceidae LLP   


Contact .


Currently the protype is being designed at our site in India, TamilNadu , Coimbatore.


Gratitude that makes the universe .

Detail of the project will be updated here soon


It has come Naturally for me,
Lateral and Design Thinking.
I am willing to share how the world of Thinking impacts us and how we can design it as per our material need in balance with our happiness.

தமிழ் ENGLISH தங்கிலீஷ்


Creativity unleashed is the secret for imagination beyond dream.
My ADHD helps to imagine in nested loop and thinking helps to comeout of those nested loop without get caught into it.

What I do
Tropical Leaves

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I live in Chennai, TamilNadu India

Area I Love to contribute:
Governance , Strategy , Behavior Economics ,  Social Entrepreneurship  and Media.

Associated with  ::
Marine Plastic Abatement Through Hopeful Youth.

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